Radiator is an award-winning program for listening to and recording from popular radiocards.

Features: intuitive use, support of all key operations by hot keys, possibility to record in various sound quality using codecs including MP3 and WMA, mouse use include wheel, optional tray icon view, easy-to-use frequency editing and sorting stations, direct keyboard tuning, command-line switches, large range of languages etc.

Download: installer incl. documentation (2.2 MB)


Supported cards: AimsLab RadioTrack, RadioTrack II, Reveal RA300, SoundForte SF16 - FMP2, SoundForte SF16 - FMI, Aztech / Packard Bell, Comp - Express, GemTek RadioCard, SoundForte SF16 - FMR2, SoundForte SF16 - FMD2, Zoltrix RadioPlus 108, serial port adapters GemTek RadioMan, GemTek Wizard Radio, Justy Radion-maru, Unit Rajikoma, AverMedia TV98 series (BT878), GemTek FMRadio 21 USB, MediaForte SF64PCE2_02, MediaForte SF64PCE2_03, MediaForte SF64PCP, MediaForte M56VAP, SoundForte SF256 - PCP QuadXtreme, SoundForte SF256 - PCS Xtreme Theatre 5.1. Also works on D-Link USB radio.

Languages: English, Czech, Slovak, French, Italian, Hungarian, Brasilian Portuguese, Swedish, German, Turkish, Spanish, Slovenian, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Croatian, Serbian, Greek, Catalan, Bulgarian, Galician, Dutch, Norwegian, Estonian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Danish, Belarussian, Lithuanian, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Albanian and Tatar.

Plugins available (also included in Radiator installer) for: AverMedia TVPhone 95, AverMedia TVPhone 98, AverMedia Phone 98 w/VCR, FlyVideo 98, Tekram M 205 PRO, Modular Technology MM100PCTV, Hauppauge WinTV Primio, SoundForte SF64-PCR, SoundForte SF64-PCE, SoundForte SF16-FMR, SoundForte SF16-FMR2, GemTek PCI (+ Guillemot 2000), ProVideo 951, RadioTrack II, LifeView FlyTV Prime 30/34 and clones (LifeView FlyVideo 2000/3000, Eline TV Master 2000/3000, Genius Video Wonder PRO III, RoverMedia TV Link RM-P30/34R, Chronos Video Shuttle II, Manli HomeTV (LR138), Elta 8681 LV and more), Manli Much TV and clones (Manli Home-TV (IT-005), Items IT-005 and more), Tevion MD 9717, Medion MD 5044, Medion TV 7134 MK3, Medion MD 2819, TerraTec Cinergy 600, Typhoon TV-Radio, SKNet Monster TV, KNC One TV-Station RDS, ASUS TV-FM 7134, ECS EZ-TV (TVP3XP), Compro VideoMate TV, Compro VideoMate TV Gold, AVerMedia TV Studio 305, AVerMedia TV Studio 307.

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